“A drawing is simply a line going for a walk” Paul Klee

For years I’ve been walking in synchronicity with the lines I draw. For example, I had been dreaming of a trip around the world when I was younger, but this dream happened not because I planned and saved money for it, but because I followed my passion to draw. I just knew I had to make a sketch of El Castillo in Tulum, Mexico after a friend of mine talked about it, or record Baker beach in San Francisco into a drawing. With this inner knowing the resources to go to a certain place always appeared. Also, I used drawings as a currency for an exchange of services. Like a car ride from Canngu to Ubud in Bali paid in a sketch of the driver. For now I’ve done not only one, but two trips around the World and travelled multiple places in between. 

This blog post is illustrated by the sketches made during these travels there and then on site. All these framed original drawings are now available and waiting for a new home:

Every chapter has its end and the end builds up a new beginning for the next. Actually I’ve been living the “next” for almost three and a half years in a stage of a seed. Underground, in a warm dark and fertile soil. Growing roots and letting myself push towards the sky at the same time in Estonia. Finally I feel that the plant is strong enough to stand on its ground and interact with the rest of the world. Starting from sharing the insights and explorations put in paintings and installations, but also following my dear old passion for drawing not only for sharpening my own gaze, but also guiding others to see. Perception is the basis for drawing and when we learn to be aware what is around us, we tend to see more clearly of who we are. With simply taking a line for a walk.

On May 12th I’ll start another course “The Language of the Lines” for beginners at Eklektik Kunstistuudio in Tallinn. You are so welcome to join. Even if you think you can not draw. My mission is to brake that myth. When you were able to read this text, you are also able to learn how to draw. Like with reading, drawing can be taught. And it is a universal language.

For more information please visit Eklektik Kunstistuudio’s Facebook page or write to info@jukotari.com

This course is in Estonian, but let me know if you are interested in an English one. Also possible through online meetings.